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The Benefits of our LASH BONDER

As a lash artist, one of the things we strive for in our work is lash retention. Though there are some things out of our control such as lash shed cycles or how well a client cleanses their lashes, there are some steps we can take to ensure that we’ve done everything within our power to extend the longevity of the lash sets!  The key is of course with the curing of the adhesive that is used.  In recent years, the Nanomister was the secret to polymerizing the adhesive so that client’s no longer had to wait 24 hrs before they could get their lashes wet.


However, if the Nanomister wasn’t used at a proper distance, there was a chance that the drying adhesive’s fumes could still escape and irritate your client’s eyes.  What can be done about those instances?


Introducing our Lash Bonder!  This marvelous new product will help you complete your set of lashes with the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about fumes or adhesive that hasn’t dried yet.  This bonder will help extend the life of lash extensions while simultaneously reducing any irritation.  Applying the lash bond will expel any humidity out of the adhesive surface, effectively sealing and creating a tighter bond that also blocks out any potential fumes.  This also adds more elasticity to the adhesive bonding points, which will make the lashes more flexible, less chance of breakage or fall out, and will be less sensitive to the touch. 


As there will be reduced fumes, the Lash Bond makes it much safer for both clients and professionals as everyone will be protected from any fumes that may irritate the eyes.

Including the Lash Bond into your services will completely eliminate the need to use a Nanomister, as the formula of the Lash Bond mixes with the cyanoacrylate in the glue and cures from within.  Nanomisters cure from outside in and can trap humidity within the adhesive, meaning the adhesive surface stays porous, the bond is not as strong, and more fumes can be released causing discomfort. 


  • Maximize retention by 30%
  • Cures adhesive instantly
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Prevent bonds from cracking
  • No more waiting 24hrs to get the lashes wet 


With our new Lash Bond, it will revolutionize the way you complete your lash sets and your clients will thank you for it!


How to Use:

  1. Wait 2-5 minutes after the lash application is complete.
  2. Using a micro swab or lint-free applicator, apply a small amount of the Lash Bond to the base of the extensions where they are attached to the natural lash.  If you’ve applied too much to the micro swabs, dab onto a paper towel.  Avoid contact with skin as excessive amounts may enter the eyes and cause discomfort.
    Important: For volumes or mega volumes, do not saturate the lashes with this solution. Only apply to the base of the fans.
  3. Perform a post wash on the clients lashes.
  4. Dry lashes completely before asking client to open their eyes.

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