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We understand that there are many platforms to communicate on that is why we made it easy to connect them all with our application and tools.

BEE-Linked helps influencers, marketers and business owners upgrade their touchpoints to centralize their offerings on the most dynamic digital menu to empower their ability to CONNECT, using it as their personalized landing page.

[ BEE-LINKED ] - Introduction 

We create and centralize information, technology and provide software as a services SAAS. Our creativity is inspired by the convenience that comes from thoughtfully designed plans.  My team and I help people realize their full potential by giving them the support and tools they need.  

We make it easy to connect with our customizable digital interface that connects to other powerful tools and NFC accessories to help you SHARE YOUR OFFERING.

  • Your personalized digital Menu and interface
  • Centralizes your contact details & touchpoints
  • Smart & interactive connecting useful tools & applications
  • Simply the transaction process and your accessibility
  • We help you create opportunities and drive your results & revenue    

[ PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIES ] - The Tools You Need 

BEE-Linked offers many tool that help and support influencers marketers & business owners to CONNECT. ENGAGE. MONITIZE.

[ WHY US ] - Introduction 


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