Our Story

M.INT Beauty was founded in 2017 by Mary Inthapagna, a beauty expert and successful entrepreneur with 20+ years of industry experience. 

Mary started her career as a hairstylist and has owned and operated multiple salons.  But after years of trying to find a balance between being a single mom and having a stable work life, she wanted something more. Inspired by her daughter and her passion for the craft, she strove to create something more significant, something special in the beauty industry. 

Mary began researching new ideas, new ways of doing things. She decided to design her own product line, and she began educating and training new professionals. By teaching courses, mentoring students, and creating jobs, she was empowering individuals to believe in themselves, and through this realized she was building a life that had more meaning and purpose. 

Instilling confidence in her students and giving them the necessary skills to care for their clientele, Mary provides her protegees with the right mix of self-realization and high-quality skills, essential for building a successful business. 

Her ability to share her experience and insights has helped many women become more confident in their craft. She has built a trustworthy brand that uplifts and supports people. She is enabling the community to see the beauty industry with a new mindset.

 This is her journey.  It's M.INT to be...