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Our Team

Our team is made up of beauty professionals and are known for its dedication to students, comprehensive information and lifetime mentorship. We host a community of graduates that receive peer support as well as educator led discussion, coaching and more. Our students receive Pro kits with enough product to start your career as a beauty professional and lifetime discounts to stock up on the items we know you will love. With decades of experience between our educators, you'll be proud to say that you took your course, refresher or coaching through M.INT.


Lash Educator - Williams Lake, BC

Alisha, a certified lash technician boasting six years of experience, has honed her skills with M.INT Lashes, training in both Classic and Volume lash techniques. Recognized as an advanced stylist, Alisha has cemented her status as a well-known lash artist within the community.
She will be bringing her expertise to the M.INT Beauty Studio & Academy, where she is known for her exceptional work and dedication. Alisha's passion extends beyond her craft, as she eagerly shares her knowledge and expertise with students, nurturing the next generation of lash technicians. Her commitment to excellence and education makes her a valuable asset to the M.INT team.