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Shedding Season

Shedding Season

Autumn is here! The weather is starting to get a little more windy, the nights are getting more chilly, and sweaters are starting to come out.  Not only are the leaves on trees starting fall, but so are our lashes.  It’s shedding season! 


With shedding season, we tend to see a lot more eyelash fall out with our clients, but they might not understand.  Here are some tips that can help prepare yourself and your clients:

  1. Share information with your clients to keep their panic at bay when they see more shed than usual.
  2. Adjusting the settings on your thermostat or your humidifier can balance things out, as well as changing up the products you use.
  3. Book your clients in more regularly to keep their sets looking fresh!


Remember to not panic!  Though you might feel at a loss, there’s tons of things you can do to fight through the shedding season.  


Environment Changes & Hygrometer

When it comes to lash applications, your environment is extremely important. With the season getting colder, there’s a lot of environmental changes happening.  See our blog post here for more info!


Additionally, what’s going on in your workspace can make or break your lash sets.  So it’s essential that you invest in a good hygrometer to tell you what the temperature and humidity level is at. Check out our Hygrometer on our website! and use code LUCKYBUNNYLASHES to save 15%


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