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Salons are back in business, what to know before you book.

Salons are back in business..rejoice! 

It’s been a tough few weeks but things are slowly starting to open up and trust me, your lash girl, hairdresser and favourite nail tech are just as excited to see you as you are to see them. Here are a few ways you can make the experience enjoyable and safe, for you and for them. 

Do Your Research

Check out their website, Instagram or Facebook for any changes in hours, booking procedures and policies then follow them to a T. If you used to be able to call up on Saturday afternoon and get a spot, chances are that's not the case now, most places have a limited number of clients they can see in a day and a very long waiting list. 

Expect Changes

Many of the new regulations include masks for service providers and clients, no additional guests, pre-payment to name a few. Most of the changes being enforced are most likely passed down from the local health authority or government, and are the conditions that must be followed in order to open their doors so don’t be surprised if things look and feel a little different. You may be required to bring your own mask, or even a pillow and blanket to lash services, so double check when booking and come prepared so you don’t lose your appointment. 

Stay home if you’re sick

This one should be obvious. Reschedule your appointment if you feel unwell or if you show any symptoms of illness, including fever or cough. If a cough or sneeze comes on while you’re in the salon, make sure to aim into the crook of your elbow and away from others. And wash your hands.

Show your support

Small businesses need our support now, more than ever. Besides following the new regulations, show them some love by:

  • Leaving a generous tip
  • Writing a positive review on their social media
  • Pre-booking your next service

Be kind

Above all else, please be kind. 

Our beauty service providers are now having to learn and follow brand new protocols, manage a lengthy wait list and keep themselves safe at work. We’re all human, it's important to remember this as we all navigate the new way our services will operate going forward. While you should feel comfortable raising concerns regarding your treatments, businesses cannot, under any circumstance, bend the rules for anyone so don’t even ask. 

Today our beauty services are so much more of a luxury than they were before, people are risking their own health to return to work and your cooperation is essential in making sure that everyone can be safe and services like these can remain open. 

Be helpful, be grateful and be beautiful.

XOX Megan Donnelly

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