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Posture 101: Positioning Checkpoints for Comfort

Many of us have gotten the go-ahead from local health authorities to open our salon doors again, and it feels so good to be back! 

You know what that means… All. The. Full. Sets.

You’re gonna be a busy girl, so make sure you take care of yourself by keeping your posture in check, here are some quick tips to avoid the dreaded lashers backache.

Set up your workstation for good posture

Your body, arms, neck, hands, wrists and fingers should be comfortable. If you are not comfortable, relaxed, balanced, or if your positioning restricts your movement, you will NOT be able to perform. Often, simple changes in your positioning will mean success or failure when applying lashes. Your number one concern is making sure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

Positioning checkpoints

  • Height of the client:  In comparison to you, the client should be at mid-chest level. Adjust the massage table or your chair to accommodate their height.
  • Straight back: Your back should be straight, not hunched over. Feet should be under the table, so your body is straight. If using a massage table, you should position your legs on either side of your chair or stool. This will allow you to get close to the table and keep your back straight. Do not cross your legs or sit with your body turned sideways.
  • Resting arms: Your arms should be resting and balanced alongside your body with elbows in. Floating arms and hands is exhausting and dangerous. 
  • Balance: Use your fingers for balance. When crossing over to the left eye using your ring finger or primary finger to balance your hand. Sometimes you may even need to balance on your client’s nose. Never float your hands above your client.
  • Relax your wrists: Cup your hands on the clients’ head or face and relax your wrists.
  • Relaxed tweezer grip: Tweezers should be somewhat parallel over the brow. If you’re tensing your fingers or wrists, re-adjust the placement of your hands on the client’s face or head and relax. Make sure that your hand placement and method of holding the tweezers does NOT restrict your movement.
  • Supply placement: Your application supplies should be within easy reach so that you do not have to stretch or twist to pick up lashes. Place your items directly on the massage table.

It’s easy to feel like you should push through, especially with so many clients in need and likely banging down your door, but don’t forget to set time limits, take breaks and stretch your body and legs between clients. Wishing you all the best for a busy week ahead.

xox - Mary

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