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Post Washing the Lashes: The Days of Waiting 24 hours are Over

You Don’t Have to Wait 24 Hrs to Get Your Lashes Wet Anymore!

By Mary Inthapagna & Priscilla Chua Vo

For the longest time, all clients had to wait a period of 24 hours before they could get their lashes wet. This meant they couldn’t shower, couldn’t go swimming, couldn’t even wash their face!  But no more!  No longer do you need to wait a full 24 hours before you can splash some water on your face, and here’s why: Polymerization!

What is Polymerization?

In scientific terms, polymerization is when smaller molecules join together chemically to create a larger chain or network of molecules. Cyanoacrylate, the main active ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive, needs to polymerize in order for the lash glue to cure, changing it from a liquid to a hard solid. A completely cured adhesive allows the lash extensions to get wet without losing any of its adhesive properties.

When cyanoacrylate interacts with water, it creates polymers (or chains) of cyanoacrylate.  The water triggers a chemical reaction that transforms the liquid glue into a solid.  Since there is water found in the air (humidity), cyanoacrylate will polymerize over time, which was the original 24 hour waiting period.  This is also why cyanoacrylate has a short shelf life and is always kept in an airtight container.

Sometimes, during an extension application, the middle layers of the adhesive have not been exposed to water and the adhesive never fully solidifies or does so over an extended period of time.  Since polymerization causes fumes, the slower process can cause irritation and a burning sensation as the inner layers of the adhesive dry.  This can be more noticeable when the extensions have been exposed to water shortly after application.

With traditional methods, clients were always instructed to wait at least 24 hours before getting their lashes wet to allow the adhesive to polymerize, now with a better understanding of the chemistry, we cut out the 24 hour waiting period completely by using the Nano Mister and Post Washing the Lashes!  Since moisture is what cures the adhesive, the Nano Mister helps by introducing a micro fine amount of moisture to the completed set after the adhesive has tried to help fully polymerize the bond between the natural and extension lashes. Post washing the lashes creates a water tight seal and leaves the client with fresh and fluffy lashes.

It’s very important to use the Nano Mister after you allow the adhesive to dry on the outside, you can tell when the adhesive will lose its shine a few seconds after the extension is placed on the natural lash. This is important for those mid appointment mistings you may need throughout the appointment. If you introduce moisture too early, this can lead to shock polymerization.  Shock polymerization occurs when the adhesive is introduced to moisture too early and only cures on the outside, but the inner layers of the adhesive are not yet dry.  This can cause white spots on the adhesive (known as 'blooming') and lead to irritation to the client’s eyes when they come into contact later as the fumes will escape.


So how do you post-wash the lashes?
  1. Cure the adhesive
    1. Once your application is complete, instruct the client to continue to keep their eyes closed until you advise.
    2. Wait a full five minutes for the adhesive to completely dry.  You can also use a fan to help with the drying process.  Remember to dry for a full 5 minutes or else you risk shock polymerization!
  2. Mist the client’s eyes with a Nano Mister to both hydrate the eyes and cure the adhesive.  This allows the polymerization to be complete, creating a waterproof barrier.  
    1. Don’t over saturate the lashes. You don’t want to see beads of water on your work so make sure to hold the Nano Mister about 10 inches away from the client’s face.
  3. Wash the client’s eye area with a lash cleanser, rinsing thoroughly, and dry the eyes completely afterwards with a fan.
    1. Washing the eye area post application creates a watertight seal and will reduce irritation on the skin and eyes as the adhesive fumes settle.  Your client will also leave feeling fresh with fluffy lashes and little to no irritation.

And that’s it!  The simple tool of the Nano Mister and the act of Post Washing can make all the difference for how long your client has to wait before they can go wash their face or take a shower.  Not only will it also help reduce any irritation from adhesive fumes, but it also feels amazing and refreshing!

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