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MINTNETIC: The Lash System for Industry Professionals

If you already know M.INT Lashes, you know the desire to bring high quality products to lash artists is paramount. Our founder Mary, had beauty professionals in mind when she brought in the new lash system:

“I wanted to give lash artists and beauty businesses the opportunity to bring more retail products to their shelves and ultimately, make more money. In a time when all of us had to close our doors, it's important for us to innovate, for the sake of ourselves and our clients.”

Lash artists, makeup artists, other beauty professionals and salons have the option of purchasing the MINTNETIC lash system for retail. 


So get ready for easy on and easy off, stay-put all day lashes!

Our adhesive pens come with a soft precision tip that allows for thin lines or big and bold swipes. The black or brown adhesive pens double as a liner when worn with lashes or for a more natural look with the clear adhesive pen. The soft and durable lashes can be repositioned to get the perfect angle. Wear exclusively with your favourite MINTNETIC Lashes for the lash look you deserve.

Choose your lash styles ranging from natural to full out glam

Our lashes are easy to use, beautiful and last for 30 wears. 

No tubes of glue

No clunky magnets

No Pre-Glued strips

So where can you get the MINTNETIC lash system?

M.INT Lashes gives our Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates the exclusive opportunity to retail this system to their clients. By allowing our product to be distributed through lash professionals, we ensure that quality control, stock and customer service will be available through multiple sources. Our Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates have been educated on our products and can confidently answer your questions and order products through our main warehouse. 

Are there magnets?

The MINTNETIC system is completely magnet free. Many of the magnetic lash systems have adhesive that is difficult to take off, causing rashes, redness and irritation from scrubbing. We wanted to offer the same ease and long lasting wear of these systems combined with a gentle formula that comes off without scrubbing. 

How can my clients remove the liner?

Our BLK Lash Foam was specially formulated for MINTNETIC and contains natural botanical extracts, including aloe, to combat redness and irritation. This foam can be purchased wherever MINTNETIC is sold. 

How do I carry MINTNETIC?

MINTNETIC can be retailed by any lash artist or beauty professionals, if you want to exclusively retail it to your clients, contact to speak to our Wholesale coordinator.


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