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Beauty From Within

Beauty comes from within. 

Most of 2020 has been just a blur. With the sudden lockdown and mandated closures of businesses, a lot of us resorted to doing our own tweezings, hair trimmings, and waxing, and who knows what other self services. And even with businesses that have slowly opened up, some of us made a beeline for the salons because we felt we were a million years overdue for a mani pedi, a cut and color, or getting a fresh set of lashes. But some of us didn’t, still being wary of the pandemic, and have been taking things cautiously still (I got my first haircut in almost a year last week!)

Whatever your reasons, I’m sure your lash tech, hairdresser, and nail techs are all extremely excited to see your gorgeous, albeit masked, faces again! 

Regardless of the lack of lash extensions and neatly kept eyebrows, remember that all these beauty services are only prettying up the surface. Real beauty comes from within.

No thanks to Social Media, many are pulled into this invisible competition of ridiculously high beauty standards. Many of us feel a need to get our nails done all the time and our lash extensions applied so that we look and feel a certain way.

Don’t forget that the services we purchase will only enhance your outer appearance. True beauty comes from within, because if you don’t believe you are beautiful yourself, it’s likely others won’t either.  Love yourself first so that others can love you too.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” - Sophia Loren

We understand that many of us are still unable to, or not wanting to brave a cramped salon just yet, and while lash extensions may not be an option, beautiful lashes, without an appointment still are. 

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