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This training will take kick start your career and take your nail skills to the next level, you will leave the training as one of our Certified M.INT Pedicure Technicians! This training will be an intense 2 day training that will cover everything you need to advance your skills in Pedicure and more. You will receive tools and kit with your course.

Course Content:

Learn the skills necessary for performing Manicures & Pedicures.

Our program consists of 2 days – 6-hour sessions. 

Online Theory Hours - 12 hours

Online course curriculum starts two weeks prior to prepare you for in studio training. You will have 1 year access to the online portion of the theory.

In class Hours - 12 Hours

Theory Outline

  • Anatomy & Nail Disorders
  • Sanitation & Disinfection
  • Product Knowledge
  • Basic Pedicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Nail Painting
  • And more...

Prerequisite - No prerequisite

Certification - Pedicure Technician

Exams: Upon completion of your course and required practicum, you will have a written and practical exam. An 80% passing grade is required to receive your certificate.