Artificial Nail Artistry
Artificial Nail Artistry
Artificial Nail Artistry
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Artificial Nail Artistry

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This training will take your nail skills to the next level and you will leave the training as one of our Certified M.INT Nail Technicians! This training will be an intense 5 day training that will cover everything you need to advance your skills in Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art  and sharpen your skills. 

M.INT Beauty PRO Academy is an affordable way to expand your career as a nail technician! You will receive the training, a certificate, professional basic gel/acrylic nail kit with all the implements, tools, hand trainer and 5 in 1 Complete Nail System.

Course Content:

Learn the skills necessary for performing nail enhancement services including acrylic, gel, nail tips, fills, sculpted and nail art.

Our program consists of 5 days – 7 hour sessions. two sessions focusing theory and gel nail application and 2 session focusing on acrylic nail application and theory. Day 5 focuses on hands on nail art and ombre nails. You may be required to bring a model to each class.

Online Theory Hours - 20 Hours

Online course curriculum starts two weeks prior to prepare you for in studio training.

In Class Hours - 35 hours

Theory Outline

  • Anatomy & Nail Disorders
  • Sanitation & Disinfection
  • Product Knowledge
  • Electric Nail File
  • Basic Manicures
  • Basic Artificial Nail Prep, Nail Rebalancing, and Nail Finishing
  • Gel/Acrylic Nail Overlay Application
  • Sculpted Gel/Acrylic Nail Application
  • Gel/Acrylic Fills & Repairs
  • Basic Nail Art
  • Acrylic/Gel French Ombre Nails  
  • And more...

Prerequisite - No Prerequisite

Certification - Artificial Nail Artistry Technician 

Practicum: Your practicum is home-based and is to be completed on your own time. Your Educator will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to review your photos. Total requirements: 6 sets and 3 fills.

Exams: Upon completion of your course and required practicum, you will have a written and practical exam. An 80% passing grade is required to receive your certificate.

We offer advanced training in Sculpting and Nail Fills.

These courses will help you perfect your skills, improving your speed and quality.