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Lash & Brow Set

Lash & Brow Set

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Lash Applicator:

Our lash applicator is designed especially for applying our MINTNETIC Lashes. The rounded tips delicately hold the lashes and have a shape which curves along your lash line, making your application time effortless and more precise. It only takes one quick easy motion to place your lashes right where you want them. You can use the applicator to move them into position, too.


Lash Scissors

Our Lash Scissors are made to perfection for its precise trimming and sharp blade for a refined cut. Made from stainless steel which makes the scissors durable while maintaining their sharpness. Allowing to help beautifully customize your lash band length and trim unruly eyebrows.


How to:

Place the false lash up to your eye to measure for sizing. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape, use lash scissors to trim the lash accordingly. Conservatively trim from the inner or outer corner for a personalized look.


Lash Curlers

A high-definition curler that’s designed with a comfortable ergonomic handle and a soft cushion silicone pad, delivering a noticeable, long-lasting curl.

This easy-to-use tool works for all eye shapes and features an edge-free design to prevent pinching. The unique broad curve curls lashes from inner to outer corner. Flexible silicone rubber pads are gentle and safe on lashes.


Lash & Brow Tweezers

A sleek multifunctional applicator that helps to easily fasten falsies and tweeze unruly hairs.