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Classic Fundamentals Refresher

Classic Fundamentals Refresher

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Have you taken a classic eyelash extension training course, but did not receive adequate training or maybe just want to advance your skills, or you just need a refresher course? This is the course for you! One Day is all you need, the refresher course is customized for individual needs. We will be going over common errors and retention problems, help you with troubleshooting errors from isolation tips to client retention, and everything in between!

Certified students will gain invaluable experience, polished lash skills, and the confidence they need to further build their lash career. Even after recertification, M.INT students will receive lifetime discounts on products and supplies, and continued support from our community.

Online Theory Hours - 4 Hours

In Class Hours - 6 Hours

Prerequisite - Must have Classic Certification to take the recertification course. Proof is required to schedule your course.

Certification - Certified Classic Eyelash Extension Technician 

In our NALA accredited course, we review:

  • Eye functions and lash growth
  • Reactions and how to tell if your client is allergic
  • Safety, sanitation and health inspections
  • Your lash space, ergonomics and how to care for yourself
  • Lash Extension Application
  • Lash Extension Removal
  • Advanced lash techniques
  • Advanced styling
  • Retention
  • Up to date information 
  • Business building
  • And more

You will receive:

  • M.INT Lashes Classic Fundamentals Online Manual
  • All products are supplied by M.INT Lashes - Classic Kit
  • Lifetime mentor-ship
  • Entry to our Graduates community
  • 20% off all M.INT Lash Products

This one day course takes you through the manual presentation with a M.INT educator, it includes hands on demos and videos. You will work on your model for the rest of the afternoon.

Your educator will be there for you every step of the way!

Are you ready to become M.INT?