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Our Team 1

Our team is made up of beauty professionals and are known for its dedication to students, comprehensive information and lifetime mentorship. We host a community of graduates that receive peer support as well as educator led discussion, coaching and more. Our students receive Pro kits with enough product to start your career as a beauty professional and lifetime discounts to stock up on the items we know you will love. With decades of experience between our educators, you'll be proud to say that you took your course, refresher or coaching through M.INT.



M.INT Beauty was founded in 2017 by Mary Inthapagna, a beauty expert and successful entrepreneur with 20+ years of industry experience. 

Mary started her career as a hairstylist and has owned and operated multiple salons.  But after years of trying to find a balance between being a single mom and having a stable work life, she wanted something more. Inspired by her daughter and her passion for the craft, she strove to create something more significant, something special in the beauty industry. 

Mary began researching new ideas, new ways of doing things. She decided to design her own product line, and she began educating and training new professionals. By teaching courses, mentoring students, and creating jobs, she was empowering individuals to believe in themselves, and through this realized she was building a life that had more meaning and purpose. 

Instilling confidence in her students and giving them the necessary skills to care for their clientele, Mary provides her protegees with the right mix of self-realization and high-quality skills, essential for building a successful business. 

Her ability to share her experience and insights has helped many women become more confident in their craft. She has built a trustworthy brand that uplifts and supports people. She is enabling the community to see the beauty industry with a new mindset.

 This is her journey.  It's M.INT to be...



Operations Officer

Rayell is the Operations Officer for M.INT Beauty. After dedicating many years to developing social organizations, she decided to transfer her skills to the beauty industry. She has been personally trained and mentored by Mary in Esthetics and entrepreneurship. Inspiring her to merge her passion for beauty and administration.

Director of Education

Megan is the Director of Education and the Administration Coordinator for M.INT Lashes. She started her lash career in 2017 and has continued her own education with several certifications in lashes, esthetics, safety, business and coaching. Megan takes pride in thorough instruction, attention to detail and personalized mentorship for all M.INT graduates. 

In 2019 Megan was awarded 3rd Place for the M.INT Online Lash Competition in the Classic Lash category and nominated for the NALA Awards Educator of the Year, making it to the finalist category. 

 “As a lash artist, my goal is to make my clients feel confident, beautiful and special. As an educator, I want my students to feel empowered in the beauty industry and excited for their new skill. Whether you’re coming for a set of lashes or a brand new career, your M.INT experience is my top priority.”

Director of Esthetics - Edmonton, AB 

Sonia has been an Esthetician for over 20 years and quickly found a love for lash extensions when she trained with M.INT over 4 years ago. Sonia has been an educator with M.INT Lashes for nearly four years and is now the Director of Esthetics for M.INT Beauty and she is busy developing new programs for the academy. On top of training, creating new programs and taking clients in her salon, Sonia is a wife and mom to three busy little ones.  

 “Beauty comes from within, let me help you make it shine”

PMU Educator - Edmonton, AB

Amanda has been in the beauty industry for many years, starting with a Makeup Artistry certification in 2014 and certified in Permanent Makeup Artistry in 2015, specializing in lip liner, lip blush, eyeliner, and powdered Ombre brows. Amanda was M.INT Lashes certified in Classic & Volume lashes in 2018. Following this she attended a Powdered Ombre fundamentals training class in 2019 and started her own business of Luxe permanent makeup the same year. 

Amanda has been working for M.INT Beauty as customer service and coordinator and is excited to become part of the Educators team doing permanent makeup. 

When she is not taking clients or managing the warehouse at M.INT, Amanda loves being active with her two dogs Coco & Argo, travelling, and interior decorating for friends and family.

Lash Educator & Teeth Whitening Trainer -  Kelowna, BC

Tanya's combined professional experience in the Beauty Industry spans well over 25+ years. Tanya has been a Professional Educator for many years and has been recognized for her true talent in training by being nominated for several awards over her career.

One of her proudest moments is when she was nominated for a Mentorship Award in the Educators Category, alongside many highly recognized educators in the industry! This truly solidified her passion for educating others. As an educator for M.INT Beauty and the Director of Education for Best Smile, Tanya works very hard to ensure you get the best educators, the latest and greatest products & most up-to-date in teeth whitening knowledge.

Esthetics Educator - Williams Lake, BC

Pema has been in the beauty industry for 4 years. She relocated to Williams lake from Toronto in 2019. She has established herself in Williams lake while working at a local salon and gaining experience to managing her own successful salon. Pema takes pride in her work and has the passion to teach others.  Pema is also well known in the Williams lake community with her involvement and the ability to be a service to others.

Lash Educator - Williams Lake, BC

Jessi is a certified lash technician with 4 years of experience who trained with M.INT Lashes for both Classic and Volume lash techniques. Jessi started her career in 100 Mile, B.C. and established a name for herself as a well known lash artist in town. Jessi has relocated her business to Williams Lake, B.C. and will be at the M.INT Beauty Studio & Academy. Jessi is passionate about providing lashes to make her clients feel beautiful.

Hair Stylist Educator - Williams Lake, BC

Julie is a Master Hairstylist Educator for M.INT. She’s an inspiration and advocate of the beauty industry, she prides herself in the quality of work and education she puts out. When it comes to hair she specializes in hair color, color correction, balayage, ombre and more.

She has built her salon business from the ground up. From customer loyalty, promotions, customer service, business sales and the list goes on and on. Feel free to ask about business startup and how to drive your business though promotions and marketing.

"I have been in the beauty industry for over 18 years as a hairstylist. I am passionate about giving my clients their confidence back and how they feel after an appointment with me. I love to find new ways to challenge and inspire myself. I am looking forward to this journey with the mint team and where it will take me next" - xo Julie

Lash Educator - Edmonton, AB

Kasi is a lash and nail artist, also an educator who is passionate about helping create other great artists.Kasi believes that the hands on part of training is a must, so she can mentor and inspire her students.In addition to her clients, she has expanded from nails and lashes into other beauty services to cater to multiple desired services.She had also been recognized by fellow lash artists for being very helpful with any lash questions they may have and sharing any tips that she think may help them in their career.Kasi holds several beauty industry certificates ranging from lashes extensions to permanent make up.