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Adhesive FAQ'S

Maximizing Adhesive Performance and Longevity 

The quality and performance of your adhesive can make or break a good set of extensions. It is important to protect your investment in a good adhesive. 

Before you begin

  1. Remove the adhesive from the shipping package. Keep the zip seal bag for storage. 
  2. Do NOT immediately open the adhesive bottle.
  3. Place the bottle in an environment where the temperature is between 18-23c° and humidity between 30%-65%. Allow up to three hours for the formula to reach room temperature.


To ensure a strong and long-lasting adhesive bond, follow these guidelines. 

  1. Keep the product dry. Wipe all moisture/condensation off the exterior of the bottle before opening.
  2. Use the adhesive in a room with adequate ventilation. Use an air purifier or fume extractor. This will ensure a safe and comfortable application experience for you and your clients. Consider purchasing the Whisper by Aerovex. This ventilation system is designed for salon use, small in size, and quiet while running.
  3. Open/Use the adhesive only once it has reached room temperature.
  4. Use the adhesive in an environment where the temperature is 18-23c° and humidity 30%-65%.
  5. Shake the bottle vigorously for 5 seconds before use. The adhesive texture may become inconsistent, runny, or separated if it’s not shaken.  
  6. Always discard the first drop of adhesive. Do not squeeze the bottle. Let gravity do the work. When you squeeze the bottle, air and moisture gets into the nozzle, which can start premature polymerization process and cause the adhesive to be goopy and compromise the durability of the adhesive. 
  7. After discarding a drop, with a lint free adhesive care wipe, clear the inducer of any visible adhesive.
  8. After each drop of adhesive, remember to burp your bottle. This will get rid of any trapped air and prevent the lid from gluing itself to the bottle.
  9. Use a new adhesive drop every 15-20 minutes during lash application for optimal performance. 
  10. Always clear the inducer of any visible adhesive with a lint free adhesive care wipe before putting the cap back on the bottle. Tightly secure the cap and always follow proper storage instructions. 

Storing unopened bottle

  • Store in a refrigerator. Ensure the temperature between 2-8c° and humidity 30%-65%.
  • Store the adhesive in the zip seal bag it came in. This will minimize excess air and moisture and prolong product shelf life. 
  • Allow the adhesive to return to room temperature before use.
  • Wipe all moisture/condensation off the exterior of the bottle before opening.

Unopened bottles have a shelf life of six months* from date of purchase. Long-term storage of adhesive is not recommended. Purchase and use while fresh for optimal performance and a longer lasting bond.

Storing opened bottle

Refrigeration is not necessary if the adhesive can be stored in a controlled environment where: 

  • Product is out of direct sunlight.
  • The temperature is 18-23c° and humidity is 30%-65%.
  • Cap is securely closed to prevent any air or moisture from entering the bottle. 

If ideal temperature and humidity cannot be maintained once the bottle is opened, please store it as you would an unopened bottle.  

Note: If the adhesive is exposed to constant changes in temperature, this will create unwanted moisture and affect its performance.

Opened bottles have a shelf life of up to three months*. To ensure adhesive performance, consider discarding any unused product after this time. 

Storage during travel

Never travel with or leave the adhesive in a non-temperature-controlled care without protection. Store the adhesive in a small cooler/thermos to prevent overheating or freezing. For air travel, store the adhesive with your carry-on items.

*M.INT Lashes is not responsible for adhesives that are not properly stored, maintained, or handled.

Troubleshooting Adhesives Issues

Use your glue in a stable environment. Seasonal changes and weather conditions may affect your retention and varies depending where you are located. The best temperature for the working space is 18-25° and 30-65% humidity. If temperature and humidity are too low or high, the adhesion and viscosity will change. 


Use a dehumidifier for humid environments. Place a thermo hygrometer in your working area to control temperature and humidity.


Here are some adhesive related questions you should be asking regularly: 


Have the environment conditions changed inside or outside of the lash room? 

  • Humidity and temperature can fluctuate depending on the time of day.  The morning will be different to the evening, for example. 
  • Seasons may affect your adhesive, summer vs. winter. Where winter may be a lot dryer and can affect the adhesives drying time. 
  • Weather conditions may also affect your humidity. Where rainy days mean more humidity and cold days means more dry. 


How am I storing my adhesive? Was it stored in an environment where I wasn’t controlling the temperature?

Best way to store your adhesive is in an airtight container or zip bag with a silica pack or rice in a cool, dry place. If for some reason you can’t maintain a stable environment, it is recommended to keep it in the fridge.


Is the adhesive drying too fast or too slow for me? 

If you have recently changed adhesive, then you need to understand it won’t work the same as your old adhesive. Take the time to get to know your new adhesive.


When did I buy this adhesive, and when did you open it?

If the adhesive was bought 3 months ago, then it's time to replace it. When your new adhesive arrives, label the bottle when it arrives and when you opened it to ensure freshness.


Did I shake my adhesive? 

Give your adhesive at good 10-15 second shake to mix all the ingredients together.


Am I replacing my glue dots every 15- 20 minutes? 

Depending on your humidity and temperature it is imperative to replace your glue dots when it becomes sticky or tacky.


Am I keeping my adhesive fresh?

You have to store glue in a stable environment (temperature & humidity). Please remember frequent temperature fluctuations will affect the function of the glue. The adhesion could be bad if the glue is an old one, so make sure if you are using fresh glue.


Did I burp my adhesive? Am I closing the cap tightly after each use? 

Exposing glue to oxygen could change viscosity and diminish the life of the glue. If you leave the glue without the lid for a long time or open and close it frequently, the viscosity will change. It will be thick and gummy and will lose its adhesion. You need to block oxygen as much as possible. We recommend you check if the cap is tightly closed after using and wipe off the lid as well as the nozzle. Add a small packet of silica gel to a zippered bag. This keeps glue away from oxygen and humidity, as well as direct exposure to sunlight.


Have all clients been affected or just one? 

Ever thought about the fact that it could be your clients’ fault and not yours? Or both? Sometimes it's 50% you and 50% client.  Take the time to troubleshoot and ask your client the right questions.


Did I use before-care products before applying the adhesive?

If you care about adhesion, retention, and drying time, use the glue with before-care products such as a lash wash, primer, pre-treatment, and protein remover. These products have great influence on retention.