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Why choose M.INT for your education?

Built for artists,by artists, all of our accredited courses are designed to set you for long-term success. M.INT has smaller and more intimate class sizes - even one-on-one training is available - which ensures that you, the student, are provided a more personal, detailed, and attentive training.  This means that the educator can see your progress and help you personally when needed as larger class sizes can get overwhelming.  You will be receiving a comprehensive curriculum with extensive information and guidance to launch yourself into a career in the lash industry that will elevate your experience and assures that you get the best out of your training.

After the courses, you will have access to continuous mentor-ship and support through a community of fellow lash artists, so you are always within reach of great advice and updated tips and tricks.

And when you trust your lash education to us, you’re also joining the M.INT family - the fastest growing inspiring lash and beauty community. As a bonus, you will also receive a lifetime discount on products and supplies that you know you can trust! Become M.INT certified because it M.INT to be...

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