1:1 Advanced Volumes

1:1 Advanced Volumes

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Thinking of advancing your techniques?

Volume Lash Extension technique is designed to help you create breath-taking lash extensions for your client(s) every application. We educate you on the proper lengths, thickness and curls to put on each individual customer along with proper isolation of lashes. With these incredibly light weight and superfine lashes; 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash.
Learn the application techniques to create the perfect fan, fill in gaps and create looks from everyday natural to red carpet glam. Provide quality eyelash extensions catered to your clients specific needs and lifestyle. The 1:1 or classes are designed for smaller groups to ensure plenty of hands on training and attention can be provided to perfecting the art of this technique.
This program is fast paced with the primary focus on the Volume Eyelash Extension technique. This course is reserved for technicians with a strong background in lash artistry.

In our course, we teach you:


  • Describe what makes classic and volume lashes different.
  • Outline the basics of lash weights and conversions.
  • Create volume fans using three different techniques.
  • Execute proper isolation, dipping, and attachment techniques for volume lashes.
  • Work safely and effectively while providing eyelash extensions.
  • Identify and utilize the tools and products needed for volume eyelash extension services.
  • Describe the ideal volume fan.
  • Apply step by step M.INT the eyelash extension technique.
  • Consult, plan, and prepare for eyelash extensions.
  • Provide aftercare advice to clients.


    You will receive:

    • M.INT Lashes Advanced Volumes Online Manual
    • Volume Kit
    • Mannequin and practice lash strips
    • Lifetime mentorship
    • Entry to our Graduates community
    • 20% off all M.INT Lash Products
    • Advanced Volume Certification 

    This one day course takes you through the manual presentation with a M.INT educator, it includes hands on demos, videos and reading assignments.  You will work on your mannequin for the first half of the day and the second half you'll be working your model.

    Online course curriculum starts two weeks prior to prepare you for in studio training.

    Your educator will be there for you every step of the way, ready to assist you via text, phone or email. 

    Are you ready to become M.INT?

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